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A Wizard's Tale...

My name is Saradon, a wizard of some fame and little fortune. Though you know me not, and we have never met, I feel that I have known you all my life. For the story of your deeds, your entanglement with Mangar and his evil horde in Skara Brae, flows from the lips of every Bard throughout the Realm. For this reason, your courage and experience, I have contacted you above all others. For now we face an evil much greater than Mangar's. An evil that threatens not the safety and tranquillity of but one city, nae ... an evil that threatens the existence of the entire Realm and all the cities and citizens within!

Recall now the lessons of your childhood. The story of Turin, the archmage who forged the Destiny Wand in the molten depths of the holy mountain Krontor. The Destiny Wand, the uniting force which has rallied armies to the aid of the Realm, and has maintained peace and prosperity for the last 700 years. But look around you now, where has the power of the Destiny Wand gone? Lawless mercenaries from the neighboring kingdom of Lestradae have invaded the Realm and now run rampant through the streets. Even in Tangramayne, our capital! It is they who have taken the Destiny Wand, with the guidance of an evil Archmage known as Lagoth Zanta.

Although Lagoth has thwarted each of my attempts to gain knowledge of his powers and location, I have been able to discover that the Destiny
Wand lies broken in seven pieces, at seven different locations. Lagoth has placed each fragment of the scepter within a Snare of Death - a puzzle room that will require all the wisdom and cunning at your disposal in order for you to survive.

Do you believe in legends? Legend states that, "Unimaginable power is
bestowed upon the one who reforges the Destiny Wand ..." Regardless of whether or not you hold faith in the stuff of legend, you must defeat Lagoth Zanta, regain the seven fragments, and reforge the Destiny Wand -- it is the only way to save the Realm.

Now I must hurry, for in my attempts to glean knowledge of Lagoth, hemust has discovered my prying magic and even how his mercenaries approach. I care not for my own safety, but I pray that my magic is still strong enough to deliver this letter and the accompanying booklet into your hands. The booklet contains powerful quest knowledge which I have gathered using magic and other, more physical, methods. Use it to help you during your quest. My only regret is that I cannot personally be there to counsel you during your quest. May fate smile upon you... and upon me.


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