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Conjurer Spells

From fireballs to magic compasses, Conjurers can create objects and
effects out of thin air. Conjurer spells take up a lot of energy to
create even moderate effects; that's why these magic users don't
involve themselves with huge magical productions.

Level 1

MAFL 2 View Medium
Mage flame - A small flame floats above the spellcaster as
he moves about, illuminating the immediate area.

ARFI 3 1 Foe/10' N/A
Arc Fire - Fiery blue flames spray from the spellcaster's
fingers, inflicting 1 to 4 damage points, depending on the
Conjurer's level.

TRZP 2 30' N/A
Trap Zap - Disarms any trap within 30 feet in the direction
that the spellcaster is facing. Trap Zap also works on
chests for the same amount of spell points.

Level 2

FRFO 3 Group Combat
Freeze Foes - Binds your enemies in a magical force, slowing
them down and making them an easier target for your itching

MACO 3 N/A Medium
Kiel's Magic Compass - A compass of shimmering magelight
appears above the party and shows the direction they face.

WOHL 4 Char N/A
Word of Healing - With the uttering of a single word, this
heals a party member from 4 to 16 points of damage.

Level 3

LERE 5 View Long
Lesser Revelation - An extended Mage Flame spell that also
reveals secret doors.

LEVI 4 Party Short
Levitation - Partially nullifies gravity, letting the party
float over traps, or up and down through portals.

WAST 5 Group/20' N/A
Warstrike - An electric spell where a stream of energy
shoots from the spellcaster's finger, frying a group of foes
for 5 to 20 damage points.

Level 4

INWO 6 Party N/A
Elik's Instant Wolf - Summons a giant and extremely fierce
wolf to join your party.

FLRE 6 Char N/A
Flesh Restore - A powerful healing spell that restores 10 to
40 points to a party member, curing those stricken with
insanity or poisoning.

Level 5

GRRE 7 View Long
Greater Revelation - Operates like Lesser Revelation, but
illuminates a wider area for a longer period of time.

SHSP 7 Group/30'/ N/A
Shock Sphere - Creates a large globe of intense electrical
energy that envelops a group of enemies and inflicts 10 to
40 damage points.

Level 6

FLAN 9 Group N/A
Flesh Anew - Works like Flesh Restore, but affects every
member of the party.

MALE 8 Party Indef
Major Levitation - Operates like Levitation, but it lasts
until the spell is terminated by some event like the
activation of an anti-magic square.

Level 7

Level 7: REGN 12 Char N/A
Regeneration - A health spell that revives all the hit
points for one lucky member of the party.

APAR 15 Party N/A
Apport Arcane - Teleports the party within a dungeon to any
location that's not protected by a teleportation shield.

FAFO 18 Group N/A
Far Foe - Pushes a group of foes 40 feet further away from
your party, up to a total distance of 90 feet.

INSL 12 Party N/A
Elik's Instant Slayer - Materializes a slayer who joins your
party. What's a slayer? The name speaks for itself...

Magician Spells

Magicians can bestow magical effects on common objects. This,
however, doesn't mean that the item becomes magical. It only takes on
the magical effects for the duration of the spell.

Level 1

VOPL 3 Char Combat
Vorpal Plating - Causes the weapon (or hands) of a party
member to emit a magical field that inflicts 2 to 8 points
of additional damage.

QUFI 3 Char N/A
Quick Fix - Regenerates 8 hit points for a character, up to
the character's maximum hit point level.

SCSI 2 Party N/A
Scry Site - Causes a dungeon wall or wilderness pathway to
reveal the party's location.

Level 2

HOWA 4 1 Foe/10' N/A
Holy Water - Holy water sprays from the spellcaster's
fingers, inflicting 6 to 24 points of damage on any foe of
evil or supernatural origin.

MAGA 5 Char Combat
Mage Gauntlets - Makes the hands (or weapon) of a party
member more deadly by adding 4 to 16 points of damage to
every wound it inflicts on a foe.

AREN 5 30' Short
Area Enchant - Causes the dungeon walls within 30 feet (3
squares) of a stairway to call out if the party is headed
towards the stairs.

Level 3

MYSH 6 Party Medium
Ybarra's Mystic Shield - Causes the air in front of the
party to form an invisible shield that's as hard as metal.
The shield moves with the party.

OGST 6 Char Combat
Oscon's Ogre Strength - Endows a specific party member with
the strength of Elik's Ogre for the duration of the battle.

STFL 6 Group/40'/ N/A
Star Flare - An electrical spell that ignites the air around
your enemies, scorching them for 10 to 40 damage points.
A real hair curler.

Level 4

SPTO 8 1 Foe/70' N/A
Spectre Touch - Drains a single enemy of 15 to 60 hit points
as if it were touched lightly by death.

DRBR 7 Group/30' N/A
Dragon Breath - Lets the spellcaster belch a breath of fire
at a group of monsters, inflicting 8 to 64 points of damage
on each monster.

Level 5

ANMA 8 Party Combat
Anti-Magic - Causes the ground to absorb a portion of the
spells cast at the party by monsters, giving the party a
chance to escape unharmed. This spell also aids in
disbelieving illusions and shielding against magical fires
such as Dragon Breath.

GIST 10 Party Combat
Giant Strength - Instills tremendous power in your party,
increasing their strike ability by 10.

Level 6

PHDO 10 Wall 1 Move
Phase Door - Vaporizes any wall that's not protected by an
Anti-Phase Door aura or spell into air.

YMCA 10 Party Indef
Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor - Works just like Ybarra's
Mystic Shield, but lasts indefinitely.

Level 7

REST 25 Party N/A
Restoration - Regenerates the body of every party member to
perfect condition; even cures insanity or poisoning.

DEST 16 1 Foe/10' N/A
Death Strike - Instantly kills a selected enemy, which
certainly categorizes this spell as one that doesn't fool

ICES 11 Group/50' N/A
Ice Storm - Pummels a group of monsters with chunks of ice,
causing 20 to 80 points of damage.

STON 20 Char N/A
Stone to Flesh - Takes a character who has been turned to
stone and restores him to his natural flesh state.

Sorcerer Spells

Sorcerers rely on illusions in their magical repertoire. A neat and
tidy mage class, Sorcerers prefer to work on peoples' minds than with
tangible (and dirty) objects or monsters.

Level 1

MIJA 3 1 Foe/40'/N/A
Mangar's Mind Jab - Casts a concentrated blast of electrical
energy at one opponent, inflicting 2 to 8 points of damage
for each experience level of the spellcaster.

PHBL 2 Party Combat
Phase Blur - Causes the entire party to become blurry in the
eyes of the enemy, making your party tougher to strike.

LOTR 2 30' Short
Locate Traps - Heightens the spellcaster's awareness for
trap detecting. Works for 30' in the direction that the
spellcaster is facing.

Level 2

DISB 4 Party N/A
Disbelieve - Reveals an attacking illusion for the true
nonphysical object that it is, causing it to vanish.

WIWA 5 Party N/A
Wind Warrior - Creates the illusion of a battle-ready ninja
in the ranks of your party. The illusionary ninja will
fight until defeated or disbelieved.

FEAR 4 Group Combat
Word of Fear - An incantation that causes a group of enemies
to quake in fear, thus reducing their ability to attack and
inflict damage.

Level 3

WIOG 6 Party N/A
Wind Ogre - Like Elik's Instant Ogre, it summons a mean,
illusionary ogre to join your party.

INVI 6 Party Combat
Kylearan's Invisibility Spell - Invoke this spell to render
the entire party nearly invisible to the enemy.

SESI 6 30' Medium
Second Sight - Heightens awareness so the spellcaster can
detect all traps and tricks that lie directly ahead.

Level 4

CAEY 7 View Indef
Cat Eyes - Endows the entire party with perfect night vision
for an indefinite period of time.

WIDR 12 Party N/A
Wind Dragon - Creates an illusionary red dragon to join the
ranks of your party.

Level 5

DIIL 8 All Foes Combat
Disrupt Illusion - Destroys any illusions among the ranks of
the enemy and prevents new illusions from appearing.

MIBL 10 All Foes/30'/ N/A
Mangar's Mind Blade - An electric spell that strikes every
opposing group within range with an explosion of energy
capable of inflicting 25 to 100 points of damage.

Level 6

WIGI 11 Party N/A
Wind Giant - Creates an illusionary elemental giant that
joins your party and fights up a storm.

SOSI 11 30' Indef
Sorcerer Sight - Operates like the trap-detecting Second
Sight spell, but lasts indefinitely.

Level 7

RIME 20 All Foes/40' N/A
Rimefang - Rakes enemies with shards of ice, inflicting 50
to 200 points of damage.

WIHE 16 Party N/A
Wind Hero - Creates an illusionary hero with the power of
hurricane winds to join your party.

MAGM 40 Group N/A
Mage Maelstrom - Assaults a group of opposing spellcasters
and may do one of the following: inflict 60 to 240 points of
damage, turn them to stone, or kill them outright. However,
because the maelstrom is illusionary in nature, a
disbelieving enemy can totally nullify it.

PREC 50 All Foes N/A
Preclusion - Keeps the enemy from being able to summon any

Wizard Spells

Wizards can summon and control supernatural creatures and energies.
The Wizard has fewer spells to choose from than the other classes, but
their potency makes up for it.

Level 1

SUEL 10 Party N/A
Summon Elemental - Creates a fire-being from the raw
elements of the universe to join and fight for your party.

FOFO 11 Group/10' N/A
Fanskar's Force Focus - Lands a cone of gravitational energy
on a group of your foes, inflicting 25 to 100 points of

Level 2

PRSU 14 Party N/A
Prime Summoning - Coerces a powerful undead creature to
unwillingly join your party.

DEBA 11 1 Foe/30' N/A
Demon Bane - Inflicts 100 to 400 points of damage on a
single creature of evil or supernatural origin.

Level 3

FLCO 14 Group/30' N/A
Flame Column - Creates a cyclone of flame that lashes out
and delivers 22 to 88 points of damage to a group of your

DISP 12 Char N/A
Dispossess - Returns a possessed party member to the normal
state of consciousness.

Level 4

HERB 13 Party N/A
Summon Herb - Summons Herb to join your party. Herb is
pretty busy, but he'll hang out with your party for a while
if you need him.

ANDE 14 Char Combat
Animate Dead - Reanimates a dead character with living
strength so he or she attacks enemies as if truly alive.

Level 5

SPBI 16 1 Foe N/A
Baylor's Spell Bind - If successful, this spell possesses
the mind of an enemy and forces him or her to join and fight
for your party.

SOWH 13 1 Foe/70' N/A
Storal's Soul Whip - Whips out a tendril of psionic (mind)
power to strike a selected foe, inflicting 50 to 200 damage

Level 6

GRSU 22 Party N/A
Greater Summoning - Operates like Prime Summoning but causes
a powerful elemental creature to appear and fight for the

BEDE 18 Char N/A
Beyond Death - Brings a dead character back to life and
gives him or her one hit point as a welcome back gift.

Level 7

WIZW 16 Group/50' N/A
Wacum's Wizard War - An electric spell that creates a
pyrotechnical storm over a group of monsters, inflicting 50
to 200 damage points.

DMST 25 Group/50' N/A
Demon Strike - Unleashes the terrorizing power of demons
into the enemy ranks, causing 200 to 400 points of damage.

Archmage Spells

Archmages are the wise ones who have learned at least all the spells
for three of the previous mage classes. This gives the Archmage the
ability to pick and choose from a huge batch of spells.

Level 1

HAFO 15 All Foes 1 Round
Oscon's Haltfoe - If successful, this spell causes every
attacking group to miss all their attacks during the next

MEME 20 Group N/A
Melee Men - Pull an attacking group into melee range (10')
regardless of how far they were when they began attacking.

Level 2

BASP 28 Party Misc
Batch Spell - Executes the following batch of spells:
Greater Revelation, Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor,
Sorcerer Sight, Major Levitation, and Kiel's Magic Compass.

Level 3

CAMR 26 Party N/A
Camaraderie - Has a 50% chance of calming all monsters in
your party that have turned hostile.

Level 4

NILA 30 Group/60' N/A
Fanskar's Night Lance - Launches a chilling ice missile
against a group of foes, inflicting 100 to 400 damage points.

Level 5

HEAL 50 Party N/A
Heal All - A Beyond Death spell that resurrects every dead
party member (except those turned to stone), and heals all
wounds, paralysis, and insanity.

Level 6

BRKR 60 Party N/A
The Brothers Kringle - The brothers are always ready to help
friends in trouble. Enough brothers appear to fill the
empty slots in your party.

Level 7

MAMA 80 All Foes/90' N/A
Mangar's Mallet - Inflicts 200 to 800 bone-crushing damage
points against every monster group you face.

Chronomancer Spells

The key to distant lands, Chronomancers help the party move from
dimension to dimension with their special teleport spells. They also
have a number of vicious offensive spells.

Level 1

VITL 12 Char N/A
Vitality - Invigorates a character by healing 4 to 8 hit
points times the spellcaster's level.

Level 2

WIFI 20 Group/20' N/A
Witherfist - Crushes a group of enemies under a huge fist of
power for 300 to 600 points of damage.

COLD 20 Group/80' N/A
Frost Force - Blasts the enemy with a deadly frost for 50 to
400 points of damage.

Level 3

GOFI 25 Group/80' N/A
God Fire - A holy spell where blazing red fires are sent
from the angry gods to roast the enemy for 60 to 240 damage

STUN 30 All Foes N/A
Stun - An electric spell that gives the enemy a high-voltage
zap for 50 to 200 damage points.

Level 4

LUCK 45 Party Combat
Luck Chant - Increases your chances of hitting or defending
by eight points.

FADE 50 1 Foe/30' N/A
Far Death - A long-range spell that drops a distant foe dead
in its tracks.

Level 5

WHAT 60 1 Object N/A
Identify - Cast this spell on something to find out just
what the heck it is.

OLAY 60 1 Char N/A
Youth - Coats a character with a light, fragrant lotion to
cure oldness.

Level 6

GRRO 65 1 Char Misc
Grave Robber - Casts Beyond Death and Regeneration for a
life-giving combination of spells.

FOTA 70 Group Misc
Force of Tarjan - Casts Witherfist and Sandstorm for a
double offensive punch.

Level 7

SHSH 60 Party Indef
Shadow Shield - Casts a gray shadow around the party, and
lowers their armor class by 4

FAFI 100 All Foes N/A
Fatal Fist - Crushes the enemy under an unearthly
gravitational force for 400 to 1500 points of damage.

Geomancer Spells

The most physically adept of all the spell casters, Geomancers can
handle most weapons that fighters can. Their combative nature shows
in their repertoire of predominantly offensive spells. To become a
Geomancer, you must find the one special location that performs the
rite of passage to this mage class.

Level 1

EADA 5 Group/40' N/A
Earth Dagger - Cuts down the enemy with holy daggers for 200
to 800 points of damage.

EASO 5 Level N/A
Earth Song - Reveals all booby-trapped areas that can injure
the party.

EAWA 8 Level N/A
Earth Ward - Casts the Trap Zap spell on the entire level.

Level 2

TREB 10 All Foes N/A
Trebuchet - Fries all foes with wickedly hot flames for 150
to 600 points.

EAEL 15 Party N/A
Earth Elemental - Summons an Earth Elemental, which is a
creature created from the raw elements of the earth.

WAWA 15 Wall Misc
Wall Warp - Works like Phase Door until the party leaves.

Level 3

ROCK 18 1 Foe/60' N/A
Petrify - Turns an enemy up to 60 feet away into the hardest

ROAL 20 Level N/A
Roscoe's Alert - Reveals to the party where the anti-magic
areas are.

Level 4

SUSO 20 Level N/A
Succor Song - Shows all heal-party squares, so your party
can put an end to their weakness and pain.

SAST 25 Group N/A
Sandstorm - With a violent swirl of sand, all foes are
whipped back 60 feet.

Level 5

SANT 30 Level N/A
Sanctuary - Shows all mage regeneration squares, so your
spellcasters can be refreshed.

GLST 40 1 Foe/90' N/A
Glacier Strike - Impales the enemy with an icy stalagmite,
causing 400 to 1600 points of damage.

Level 6

PATH 40 Level N/A
Pathfinder - An instant map, this shows the entire maze that
the party's in.

MABA 50 Group/50' N/A
Magma Blast - Burns a group of foes with a blast of hot,
fiery magma for 300 to 1200 points of damage.

Level 7

JOBO 60 All Foes N/A
Jolt Bolt - Wrenches the earth below the enemy, smashing
them to the ground and gives them a jolting electrical shock
to cause 400 to 1600 points of damage.

EAMA 80 Group/50' N/A
Earth Maw - Commands the ground beneath the enemy's feet to
open wide and drop the foes in, so they're never seen again.

Miscellaneous Spells

These spells are available to all magic users. The catch is that
you've got to find them before you can use them.

GILL 10 Party Medium
Gilles Gills - This survival spell lets your party breathe
under water. It is cumulative in effect; casting it more
than once will extend the amount of time you can spend

DIVA 250 All Foes/Party Misc
Divine Intervention - This powerful spell earns its name by
doing the following: 1) Turns illusionary characters into
real characters; 2) Cures characters of all illnesses but
age; and 3) Restores all hit points to the party. If you're
in combat, it also does the following: 1) Lowers your armor
class, saving throw, to hit, and damage by 20 points;
2) Increases your attack by eight points; and 3) Casts
Mangar's Mallet.

NUKE 150 All Foes N/A
Gotterdamurung - The finest in offensive obliteration, this
spell annihilates the opponent for 2000 damage points.

The Bard Songs

1. Sir Robin's Tune:
This lets you run away from attackers as long as
the combat has not yet begun. During combat, this keeps the monsters
from calling for additional help.

2. Safety Song: Sets up an an anti-monster aura, so foes won't
randomly attack you.

3. Sanctuary Score: Lowers the party's armor class level up to a
maximum of 15 points.

4. Bringaround Ballad: In non-combat situations, this rejuvenates the
Bard's hit points. During combat, this song will affect everyone in
your party, including the Bard.

5. Rhyme of Duotime: In non-combat situations, this regenerates the
mage's spell points. During combat, it gives the party an extra

6. Watchwood Melody: This creates light so you can find your way
around. May even work in anti-magic zones.

7. Kiel's Overture: In non-combat situations, this calls up a compass
so you can get your bearings. During combat, this casts the
monster-frying Trebuchet spell for one round.

8. Minstrel Shield: In non-combat situations, this lowers your armor
class. During combat, it also partially shields your party so they
only take half damage from monster attacks.